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Scenar Health has closed its doors in the USA after 5 wonderful years.


Thank you for all the wonderful times, trainings and shared experiences of helping people recover from a life in pain.


If you would like to contact Helen Gracie, she can be reached at 1800 261 6511.





Ron Stram MD

Founder and Medical Director Stram Center for Integrative Medicine

Commenting on RITM SCENAR for common sporting injuries:


"SCENAR therapy is a very effective device in the management of acute and chronic golfing injuries. The most common golf related injury is low back pain due to muscle strain. This is caused by the constant twisting and turning of the lower spine against resistance of the pelvis. There is also a constant bending motion through the swing, and throughout the play of the game, such as picking up golf balls. Use of SCENAR in it's acute setting can significantly reduce pain, reduce the need for pain medications and decrease the time for recovery. Shortening the time to get back in the game.

Another common golf injury is golfer's elbow, or medial epicondylitis. This is caused from repetitive pronation, or turning of the forearm through the impact area of the swing. Symptoms include pain and tenderness around the inside part of the elbow. Daily repetitive use of SCENAR therapy can be an effective way of reducing symptoms, reducing the need for daily medication use and decrease recovery time."



Dr.  Raymond Hatland DDS   Chicago Illinois


 "I have been using my Scenar device for several years and it has been a tremendous  

aid for me, both personally and with my patients, in eliminating or greatly reducing 

pain and swelling. It has completely eliminated post-op pain and inflammation after 

root canal treatment, oral surgery, extractions, periodontal procedures, and TMJ and 

muscle pain, many times after only one 10 or 15 minute application usually done by 

the patient. I do not like practicing dentistry without a Scenar device available near  

by. "                              Raymond G, Hatland D.D.S.   Chicago, Illinois        




Donese Worden, NMD

“As a pain management physician who has worked with Cold Laser for years, the SCENAR has delivered the most immediate and profound results compared to other technologies”.


Donese Worden


Worden Medical Specialties


SCENAR is a leading-edge Medical Technology which complements your existing health services (for example, acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathy, kinesiology and traditional primary care medicine).

Essentially, SCENAR prompt’s the body’s own adaptive processes and facilitates restoration of homeostasis through the release of neuropeptides emanating from the c-fibers' activation; thereby reducing stress and inflammation and effectively relieving symptoms of pain and dysfunction.

SCENAR is a hand held medical device that delivers non invasive, non toxic, computer modulated, therapeutic electro stimulation onto and through the skin. SCENAR is FDA cleared for the treatment of acute, chronic and as an adjunct therapy for post operative pain and also has  biofeedback registration for muscle re-education and relaxation training.

You can rest assured that when you purchase a Scenar from us        FDA seal
you will receive a genuine device and we sell our devices with training from the RITM Scenar Institute  and we hire only
certified, experienced trainers. 

Not all SCENAR devices advertised on the internet are cleared for marketing and sale in the USA. Please be aware that there is some confusion about SCENAR on the internet because the term  SCENAR is used by a variety of manufacturers.  NOT ALL SCENAR's are the same. You can trust Scenar Health USA.

 Please also beware of buying your device online . These devices are not produced to the FDA specifications, carry no USA product liability insurance, no warranty  and the manuals supplied with the devices are in Russian. We will not train, nor provide  after sales support for illegally imported SCENAR devcies. We often get people calling us  after they have bought one of these devices and they want to know how to use it. SCENAR  HEALTH USA prides itself on looking after our customers and if you have previously bought a device from one of these sites and you are now wanting after sales support or training we are able to provide you with a  solution. We  undertstand that on first glance, it is very hard to know what and from whom to buy your SCENAR and therefore  we are here to provide you with a solution. 


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Made of conductive material, this is another way to facilitate the delivery of the RITM SCENAR® Impulse through the nervous system. Soothing and effective for arthritis, joint pain, sports injuries and inflammation.


Russian research over the last 25 years consistently shows that the technology is effective across a wide range of applications.

Click here to read a selection of translated studies.

Scenar Health has initiated independent clinical trials in the US to prove its efficacy.

If you are interested in being a site for a clinical trial, please contact us.

G&G Holistic Addiction Treatment facility conducted a SCENAR study. Click here to read the white paper.








Chris Mortensen, CEO of Scenar Health Australia and SCENAR technology was featured on Australia's "A Current Affair."



SCENAR HEALTH USA is an authorized RITM SCENAR® Institute training organization in the US and is approved by the Russian manufacturer - OKB RITM. 

Our next trainings are:
April 13/14 Las Vegas
May 11/12 Las Vegas
June and July 


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Listen in on a previous webinar. topics include: Introduction to Scenar; Women's Health; Biofeedback for Optimal Health; Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation and Recovery.
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Archived Recordings

Originally developed for the Russian space program, RITM SCENAR® is a world first in electrotherapeutic real time biofeedback. Reading the change in skin impedance, RITM SCENAR® constantly modulates the form of its impulse. Each impulse is different from the last one, so the body does not adapt to the action, thus allowing neuropeptides to act to restore the body to homeostasis.
  • for acute pain
  • for chronic pain
  • non-invasive
  • non-narcotic
  • easy to use
  • minimal contraindications
  • available for home use (with a prescription)
RITM SCENAR® is cleared by the FDA for pain-relief.


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